Setting Up Your GTD Inboxes

When I first started using my Evernote GTD system, I had to make sure I captured everything I had scattered out on my various TODO lists. I had TODOs on my desk, outlook tasks, google tasks, personal emails, work emails, paper mail, browser tabs, white board lists.

Since I was tracking all of my TODOs on different lists, I had no central place to look for everything I needed to do, which makes it hard to prioritize what you should do next. Continue reading

A Typical Meditation Session

I walk into the guest room and lock the door behind me. The door has a lever handle that my cat can open (not unlike a velociraptor), so if I don’t lock it, I might have a curious visitor that interrupts my concentration.

I reach under the bed and grab my meditation bench and cushion. I lay the cushion down, kneel on it, and place the bench under me. Continue reading

Installing Samsung Galaxy Nexus Drivers On Windows 7 x64

I was trying to install an Android app I wrote onto my phone, but I ran into an issue.

Eclipse wasn’t recognizing my (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Model #: SCH-I515MSAVZW) as a debugging device, so I had to install drivers for it. When I tried to install the drivers from Samsung’s website, though, I received this error: Continue reading


I’ve decided to turn off comments on my posts. I’ve been manually approving comments, but all the spam has gotten to be too much. I used to get a couple hundred comments of spam every few weeks. Now it’s more like thousands. Not sure what happened, but I can’t (and just won’t) take the time to wade through all of it.

If you want to contact me about a post, my about page has my twitter information. I’ll probably integrate any back-and-forth I have with someone into the post for the benefit of others.

Meditation Tip: Noting

Last night, I considered going to a talk that was given by a monk at a local meditation center. Julie is out of town, so I had some free time. However, the local poker room was running an infrequent Omaha game, so I decided to go to that, instead. In lieu of the monk’s talk, I listened to a talk by Joseph Goldstein about impermanence on the way there

Impermanence means, simply, that nothing is permanent. Everything is constantly changing. Not only is this true about the universe and the world outside of us, but also inside ourselves. The sensations in our bodies, the thoughts we’re thinking, our current mood. Nothing is constant. Continue reading