About Me

This is my personal blog, covering everything and nothing.

I was born in Pittsburgh, where I still have a lot of family. My family moved to Mt Vernon Illinois when I was two and lived there four years before we settled in New Philadelphia, Ohio. When I graduated high school, my parents moved to SC while I went to Miami University, essentially leaving me homeless.

I graduated from Miami with a computer science degree, and a math minor. I used to write software at Magenic Technologies, but I’ve found that I like to help junior developers succeed more than I like to actually develop, so I now help with operations. I still like to code, but more of the app variety than the enterprise website kind.

I have an older brother, a younger sister, and a younger brother. We’re all good friends and get to hang out during the holidays. My parents live in St. Louis, which is nice, as we get to occasionally drive down to see them.

I’m married to my high school girlfriend, Julie. We discontinuously dated for just shy of 10 years before I proposed to her on Mt. Haleakala after we watched the sun rise. We were married on a cruise ship before it set sail through the eastern Caribbean.

buddhaHighFive - fixed

If you meet the Buddha, high-five him! (Me at Saint Martin during our honeymoon)

In my spare time I like to study buddhism, personality types, and personal development. I generally prefer deep, one-on-one interactions, which makes me wonder sometimes why I started this blog (and should answer why I don’t post more often!).

I also enjoy playing hockey, cooking a good steak, and playing poker (PLO). I’ve taken ballroom dance lessons with Julie, and have dabbled in taekwondo and wing chun.

Here’s a short list of books I’ve read or am reading, in no particular order:

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