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Friday Donut Haiku #9

There are more donuts
So you might not need me now
But I still snagged one

Our dev group worked with the QA group to bring in more donuts so there’d be enough for everyone. I hope they still run out so I can continue my haikus . . .

Friday Donut Haiku #1

We get donuts every Friday at work, and there’s usually a mad rush for them. One of my friends gets into work late since he works with a California client, so I grab one for him.

At first, I’d just send him an email letting him know, but that got boring, so I decided to send a haiku each time. Here was the first one:

Donut in my cube
That’s just waiting here alone
And it’s all for you

Writing More

I’ve decided that I want to get better at writing. I keep reading that in order to get better at writing, you have to write. Makes sense, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Write about what, exactly? I’ve no idea.

I keep trying to come up with an idea for a blog that has an overall theme that I can write about. I know that popular blogs revolve around a single idea, whether it be about productivity, motivation, writing, movies, whatever.

The problem is that my interests shift from one day to the next, and they can be about completely different things. I don’t think there’s one topic that I can learn and write about without becoming bored with it.

Here’s a short list of topics I’ve been reading about lately:

  • Speed Reading
  • Meyer-Briggs Personality Type
  • Short Story Writing
  • Non-Fiction Writing
  • Habit Changing
  • Productivity
  • Success
  • Being an Entrepreneur
  • Dieting

I could go on, but I’ll leave it at that. My point is, I don’t know if my interests have an overall theme, so I’m just going to write what I feel like at the time.