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I’ve decided to turn off comments on my posts. I’ve been manually approving comments, but all the spam has gotten to be too much. I used to get a couple hundred comments of spam every few weeks. Now it’s more like thousands. Not sure what happened, but I can’t (and just won’t) take the time to wade through all of it.

If you want to contact me about a post, my about page has my twitter information. I’ll probably integrate any back-and-forth I have with someone into the post for the benefit of others.

mc chris Race Wars Tour

Race Wars

mc chris is on tour promoting his new album Race Wars, and I jumped at the chance to go see him. He came to 7th St. Entry (First Avenue) in Minneapolis and we (my fiancee and I) had a blast. We had such a good time, we decided to skip town this past weekend and go see him again in Iowa City. The driving to show ratio was over 2:1, but it was totally worth it.

The night opens with Adam Warrock, who does an awesome job warming up the crowd. He’s a lot of fun to watch because you can see how much he enjoys performing. I loved his song Starving Artist, which is really inspiring. Check out his website:

The show continues with Random, a.k.a. Mega Ran, along with K-Murdock laying down the beats in tow. Random builds the show up with his rhymes about video gaming. His set includes Player Two, which sympathizes with anyone that is forced into always playing second, and freestyling by using random items that the crowd holds up as inspiration. Check him out:

Next on stage is Mc Lars. Backed up by a guitar and drums, he kicks the intensity of the evening up a notch. The most literate hip-hop artist you’ll ever have a chance to see, he raps about materialistic hip-hop (get crunk!), Hamlet’s Ophelia, and Edgar Allan Poe’s Raven. He’s the perfect last stop before the ten year old, himself. Check out Mc Lars’s new album Lars Attacks! at his website:

Then, it finally happens. mc chris arrives on the scene and jumps right into a remix of I Want Candy (bubblegum and taffy). The show goes on, showcasing his new album Race Wars (Race Wars!), along with the classics such as Nrrrd Girl, The Tussin, and of course Fett’s Vette. Among the songs from Race Wars (Race Wars!) is Popcorn Frog (I go ribbit then I get it, I go ribbit then I get it) and my new favorite Nerd Cave.

While onstage, mc’s hilarious. He rants about his video game withdrawal since going on tour, and reminds us that his hit from the summer, Hoodie Ninja, is about shitting on driveways and jerking off in trees.

But you also see the dedication to his craft. If he misses a line from the song, he hops over to his laptop and restarts the song until he gets it right. He might feel bad about it, but the crowd just cheers even more. If we could, we would make him repeat every song.

There is also the costume contest (thanks Hoodie Ninja!). Here was Iowa City’s costume contest winner, right out of Vault 101:

mcchris Costume Contest

Business Casual Boba Fett says, "What the fuck?"

Finally, mc hangs around after the show to make sure everyone gets an autograph and picture with him. I asked him to do an additional show in Minneapolis next tour so I wouldn’t have to drive to Iowa to see him again. One can dream.

If you are still able to attend a show, I highly recommend going. The show costs around $15, and it’ll be the best time you’ve had in a while. His tour dates are listed on his site:

My Blog

Well, I never thought that I would actually start a blog. I don’t even like the word “blog”. It’s like a mix between some trendy marketing term and the sound of someone vomiting (blahhg). Oh, wait, that sound is just me after reading the majority of the blogs online. Usually some self-absorbed person who thinks that I want to read their inner-monologue detailing– Ugh, I can already start to feel my slide to the dark side. Let me get through this post, and then we shall never speak of this again.

I initially started looking into a blog because I’ve been developing more for Android lately, and I’ve found that the amount of information that the web contains on the subject isn’t as plentiful as some of the other technologies that I use, like .NET. I thought posting about my Android tribulations could simultaneously help me learn more about the subject, and help other developers solve their issues that I have already encountered. I also hope that writing about Android will motivate me to remain passionate about it. I will often start some endeavor with great interest and passion, but the interest inevitably fades with the passion right behind it; it seems writing could be a good way to keep that interest and passion going. Finally, I’ve always wanted to improve my writing, and this will give me that opportunity.

While most of my posts will revolve around Android, there undoubtedly will be some on other topics that I’m interested in. From software to poker; from meditation to driving tactics. I hope someone finds something of interest.

Now, let us never speak of this blog post again.