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Reducing My Browser Tabs

I used to have a lot of browser tabs. I’d see something interesting and middle click the link to read later. I’d open so many that I’d eventually have to restart the browser. I restore my previous session in Firefox, but I don’t have Firefox load the tabs until I select them, freeing the precious memory while keeping my to-read list intact.

I always have around 6 to 8 tabs opened and pinned. Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Sometimes Pandora. Then after that, I could’ve had anywhere from 10 to 40 open. Anytime I researched something, I’d open another 2-10 tabs. If I didn’t find what I was looking for, they’d remain open for me to come back to at some point.

After doing the GTD thing for a couple of weeks, though, I’ve realized that those tabs were subtly causing stress. I’d look at the tabs and think, “Ugh, I don’t feel like reading any of them right now.” My tabs were just one more todo list for my mind to keep track of. Continue reading

A Typical Meditation Session

I walk into the guest room and lock the door behind me. The door has a lever handle that my cat can open (not unlike a velociraptor), so if I don’t lock it, I might have a curious visitor that interrupts my concentration.

I reach under the bed and grab my meditation bench and cushion. I lay the cushion down, kneel on it, and place the bench under me. Continue reading