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How I Use Hashed Evernote Tags

I received a question from someone about how I use my #work-project tag.

I work for a software consulting company. We deliver website, desktop, and mobile business applications to our clients.

I tagged notes for these projects with #work-project and the name of the client. If Microsoft was desperate enough to hire us, I would tag their notes with #work-project and Microsoft. Continue reading

Reducing My Browser Tabs

I used to have a lot of browser tabs. I’d see something interesting and middle click the link to read later. I’d open so many that I’d eventually have to restart the browser. I restore my previous session in Firefox, but I don’t have Firefox load the tabs until I select them, freeing the precious memory while keeping my to-read list intact.

I always have around 6 to 8 tabs opened and pinned. Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Sometimes Pandora. Then after that, I could’ve had anywhere from 10 to 40 open. Anytime I researched something, I’d open another 2-10 tabs. If I didn’t find what I was looking for, they’d remain open for me to come back to at some point.

After doing the GTD thing for a couple of weeks, though, I’ve realized that those tabs were subtly causing stress. I’d look at the tabs and think, “Ugh, I don’t feel like reading any of them right now.” My tabs were just one more todo list for my mind to keep track of. Continue reading

Setting Up Your GTD Inboxes

When I first started using my Evernote GTD system, I had to make sure I captured everything I had scattered out on my various TODO lists. I had TODOs on my desk, outlook tasks, google tasks, personal emails, work emails, paper mail, browser tabs, white board lists.

Since I was tracking all of my TODOs on different lists, I had no central place to look for everything I needed to do, which makes it hard to prioritize what you should do next. Continue reading