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Installing Samsung Galaxy Nexus Drivers On Windows 7 x64

I was trying to install an Android app I wrote onto my phone, but I ran into an issue.

Eclipse wasn’t recognizing my (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Model #: SCH-I515MSAVZW) as a debugging device, so I had to install drivers for it. When I tried to install the drivers from Samsung’s website, though, I received this error: Continue reading

Useful Eclipse Shortcuts

I do a lot of programming on a laptop without a mouse, and Eclipse shortcuts are imperative if I want to remain productive. Even when I do have a mouse, using keyboard shortcuts is usually faster than trying to click around for what I need. Here is a list of shortcuts that I use often.

Ctrl+Shift+l – Show Shortcuts

F3 – Go to Definition
Alt+Back – Back
Alt+Forward – Forward
Ctrl+l – Go to Line
Ctrl+m – Maximize/Minimize Active View or Editor
Ctrl+Home – Go to Beginning of File
Ctrl+End – Go to End of File

Ctrl+1 – Quick Fix (i.e., create method if you are calling one that does not exist)
Ctrl+7 – Toggle comment
Ctrl+d – Delete line
Ctrl+Shift+f – Format
Alt+Up – Move Lines Up
Alt+Down – Move Lines Down
F2 – Show Tooltip Description

F11 – Debug
Ctrl+F11 – Run
F5 – Step Into
F6 – Step Over
F7 – Step Out
F8 – Continue
Ctrl+Shift+b – Toggle Breakpoint

F6 – Turn On/Off Trackball
Ctrl+F12 – Switch to Next Orientation (Portrait, Landscape)