Take Advantage Of Your Momentary Motivation

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re sitting on the couch, bored out of your mind, and an odd feeling comes over you. You want to clean the kitchen, reorganize your closet, or work on your website. You’re actually motivated to be productive.

Yet, you wait. The voice in your head convinces you “just one more.” Just one more episode on Netflix, or just one more Facebook refresh.

Don’t let that happen!

Like the tides, our moods are constantly coming and going. One moment they’re with us, and the next they’re gone. Motivation is no different. When it’s with you, use it. Don’t miss the tide.

When you don’t take advantage of your momentary motivation, you waste a great resource. We all want to achieve certain certain things – a clean garage, a weedless yard, a pet project – but they’ll remain unfinished unless you work on them.

Motivation is the fuel for productivity, but it’ll evaporate if left to sit.

It’s easy to talk yourself out of working towards your goals. There’s always something easier and more fun to do. Watching TV or youtube, reading Facebook or Twitter, browsing stumbleupon or pinterest; all fun distractions, but highly unproductive.

Even reading productivity articles are nothing but a distraction unless they motivate you to act. If you just let the motivation leave you as quickly as it came on, it’s just a waste of time.