The share labels are cut off, which is the 1-Click option?

The 1-Click option has the green icon. I chose green to signify “green means go”, since there’s no pausing to enter an email. It just goes!

Is there a way to only show the 1-Click share option?

Unfortunately, no. Those menu options are created by Android as soon as you install the app and there’s no way to remove them individually.

I have multiple gmail accounts, but the wrong email is used for sending when I open a shortcut. How do I set the gmail account I want shortcuts to send from?

Follow the instructions here to set a default google account you want to send from https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/one-google-account-set-default-sign/.

When using an email shortcut, is it possible to have an option for the cursor to start on the subject line?

Again, unfortunately no. The position of the cursor is determined by your email app. Once the Email Yourself shortcut/template opens your email app with your saved values, the email app is then in control.

What is Dzogchen?

I came up with the name Dzogchen Limited as a kind of Buddhist joke. Dzogchen means the “Great Perfection”, so the software would be like that, but you know, limited. The reason I chose that name is because I’m bad at choosing names and I make bad jokes.